It is hoped that internet gambling will be legalized.

As the issue over prohibited activities revived, the government chose to disregard the advice of the gaming review committee, which recommended that internet gambling be legalized. The Department of Trade and Industry (dti) crushed dreams of legalizing internet gambling in South Africa with a fresh twist, and it did so in record time.

After predicting that media coverage of internet gambling might result in its legalization last week, the agency said that it was opposed to the practice.

“In our opinion, the damage that internet gambling may bring to South Africans cannot be properly regulated, and as a result, we reiterate that online gambling should remain a prohibited activity.”

Those suggestions, which were made by the Commission, which was formed in 2010 to examine new forms of gambling in South Africa, are diametrically opposed to this. Online gambling has been authorized, however it is suggested that it be strictly regulated. Additionally, that’s a really excellent idea. In part because the gambling business, which includes sports betting, online casino games, and other entertainment-related activities, may be a highly profitable and strong economic sector. March 2012 marked the first anniversary of the report’s adoption by the division’s portfolio committee.

A prominent professor at the University of Witwatersrand (Wit), Stephen Lou, who served on the committee, expressed surprise at the department’s new stance on internet gambling.

“This statement is diametrically opposed to current South African tendencies. No one can quite put their finger on how or why it came about, but it was not a democratic procedure. We were successful in getting our report and suggestions accepted. “Everything was said that it had been completed,” Louw explains.

He said that, due to technical advancement and widespread internet access, it is difficult to prohibit the increasing number of online gambling sites in the nation.

In accordance with the website, online gambling is a successful business with a growing number of followers.

“It couldn’t be done by Americans, and it couldn’t be done by Australians.” “Can you tell me how it’s done?” – He inquired.

Zodwa Ntuli, Deputy Director of the Ministry, categorically disputed that the government had disregarded the recommendations of the Commission.

She said that they were taken into consideration, but that their first focus would be player safety.

“It is company policy that internet gambling is prohibited in the United States. Perhaps, in the future, the process of Congress will be permitted to continue since it is still in progress. Something is enacted into law by the United States Congress. “It will continue to be unlawful until it is completed,” Ntuli said.

She said that the primary reason the department was opposed to online gambling was because the government lacked the necessary cyber capabilities to monitor and regulate the operations of the industry.

In South Africa, some kinds of gambling, such as horse racing betting and casino gaming, are permitted under the law. National Gambling Board statistics show the business generated R $ 17 billion in total gambling revenue in fiscal 2011 and employs 60,000 people.

The Commission had previously anticipated that activity in South Africa would increase as more Panthers turned to internet betting and gaming in order to supplement their income. During a speech in parliament in 2012, Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies said that he needed to think about legalizing internet gambling.

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